Veterinary Concierge Care.  Private VIP home veterinary care serving greater Philadelphia.  Enjoy high-quality veterinary care in the warmth of your own home.  Companion animals can feel more relaxed and avoid the stress of a scary and noisy veterinary hospital, while seeing an experienced veterinarian.

Vegetarian Cats Site.  For those who have already decided to feed vegan food to their feline companions, this site offers tips on the healthiest and safest ways to do so.

Vegantopia.  Visions of a future where no animals suffer for human wants.  Vegantopia is a welcoming place for brainstorming solutions for animals to be afforded basic rights.

Doc Momma.  Maternity Lab Coats.  Vegan-owned and operated.  Made in the USA.

Eat Happily.  Find an end to overeating.  Learn to follow your body’s natural hunger cues and achieve your natural weight.  Discusses vegan diets as a faster way to healthy weight.